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Woodenclogs for everybody!
Do you prefer traditional colors such as black or white? Or do you prefer floral patterns, or pink? Our clogs are available in a variety of colors and the range is wider than you might think.
The leather we use are tanned in different ways to get different finishes and feel on the shoe. Nubuk is a full-color soft and compliant leather. Pull up leather is also a full-color and soft leather which, when used, shifts in color on the top to get a bright and cool effect. We also offer genuine leather with a thin foil for extra protection.The sole of the clog is made largely of the wood type Alder due to its light weight and hard material. The wood sole can be stained according to the desired color and degree of darkness. Only your imagination sets limits!
Clogs from Moheda represent traditional craftsmanship that for generations has built up a unique competence that has always gone hand in hand with technological development. Our wooden slippers stand for durability as well as comfort. Our wide range is effectively matched to the width of our customer base.
For a long time, our products have been the very definition of this type of craftsmanship, clogs have been manufactured in Sweden for centuries.
Quality and reliability always go hand in hand with our business. Our customers are used to getting a really good product at a good price.
You are most welcome to become one of them. Our wooden slippers have for generations shown what they go for.


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